Tech&Culture is an official SXSW special event (sponsored by Microsoft for Startups) on Friday, March 8th that explores the evolving relationship between technology+culture. 15+ speakers from technology (Bonin Bough, Bea Arthur), sports (Al Harrington), arts (Dayna Isom Johnson, Alex Wolf), music (DJ Hapa) and other industries give you a peek behind the curtain with candid, inspiring stories about their challenges & breakthroughs.

Attendees will experience:

Conversations with industry leaders
Hands-on technology activations
Unicorn piñatas
Meditation battles
Musical performances

Venue: Empire Control Room (606 E. 7TH STREET AUSTIN, TX 78701)

Date: Friday, March 8th, 4pm-2am

Produced by INFLECTION & Fueled By Culture

Powered By Microsoft For Startups

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Technology for Creativity: How can technology make us more creative?
(DJ Hapa, Jacob Gordon, Lisa Gray)

Bellwether Culture Podcast: How does Bonin Bough shift culture with tech?
(Bonin Bough, Pavan Bahl)

Hacking Culture: How do you gain mindshare in a crowded world?
(Kaitlyn Barclay, Gabriel Whiley, Sam Hysell)

Cultural Legacy: How does technology affect the legacy of art?
(Kat Mustatea, Dayna Isom Johnson, Tani Chambers)

Fueled by Culture: How will culture be affected by technology?
(Rich Antoniello, Al Harrington, Marcus Damas)

HOSTED By Bea Arthur and DJ Whitney


Alesia Lani

DJ Hapa




DJ WHitney

Founder, DJ Whitney
400+ shows with brands like Reebok, BMW, FILA, Foot Locker and TOTO.

Bonin Bough

Founder, Bonin Ventures
One of the youngest C-suite executives in a Fortune 50 company

Al Harrington

CEO of VIOLA and Harrington Wellness
16 year NBA veteran, star of Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league

BEA Arthur

CEO, The Difference
Startup generated 7 figures in sales, as first black female founder in Y-Combinator

Kaitlyn Barclay

CEO & Co-Founder, Scout Lab
Led brand programs for Automattic, adidas, Alibaba, as well as the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley


DJ / Producer
Best club DJ at the London Club Awards 2012.
First female to win the Vestax Juice DJ Competition


Curator of Culture, Hapaworld
Developed & launched Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles, mentoring to over 600,000 aspiring DJs

Dayna Isom Johnson

Judge on NBC’s  'Making It'
Trend expert at Etsy

Rich ANtoniello

CEO, Complex Networks
Built a $300m+ with less than 1/10th the venture capital of our competitors.


Founder, Fueled By Culture
Created tech & culture experiences for Lyft, Postmates, and Avion


DJ / Producer
Working with brands like Under Armor, & Netflix

Gabriel WhAley

CEO/Founder, MSCHF Internet Studios
Over 1B impressions generated organically for our clients, with zero paid.

Pavan Bahl

Co-Founder, MouthMedia Network
Built the largest B2B podcast media company.

Kat Mustatea

Artist & Technologist, Resident at TED
TED Talk: What is the value of art in an age of thinking machines?

Alesia Lani

Finalist for "Best Female Vocalist" at Austin Music Awards 2018, TRCOA Grant Winner, 3x Best RnB Artist Winner at Austin Hip Hop Awards

Jacob Gordon

Co-Founder, Artiphon
$1.3+ million raised on Kickstarter for digital musical instrument

Lisa Gray

Head of Partnerships , BattleMe
1 million subscribers for rap battle mobile app

Sam Hysell

Partner at NOX
Built social communities with over 10M+ people for musicians and entrepreneurs

Tani Chambers

Founder, SAVI Moni ™
Award winning founder

Frank Denbow

Startup Advocate for Microsoft

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Microsoft Surface Headphones ($350 value)
Burrow Armchair ($495 value)
Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 ($399 value)
Microsoft Swag via Poppin

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